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Poem Generator!

Free writing time activity!

Create poems for spring or just to express yourself!

Writing Activities

If you have finished your Informational writing piece and added 3 photographs you may go to this website .

Practice following directions and writing skills!

Study Jams Energy Unit

Choose an activity

Here are a bunch of Fraction Games!

Fraction Shoot is a good one!

Make the puzzle!

Identify fractional parts on the numberline and drag the puzzle pieces to the proper matching fraction!

Smartboard Fraction Sorting Game

Load this website and students will come to the board to find equivalent fractions!

Fraction Practice / Math

Go to math section
Go to fractions section 

Learn to type!

Learning to type will  make using the computer so much easier! I found these sites that have games desogned to help you practice your keyboarding skills!

Learning while you play is the BEST! 

Lighthouse research

More Lighthouse research

yet another link for lighthouse research

Front Row Math and Reading Website

This website is individualized for your child. 

They will be using it during computer Lab time or they can use it at home.

Follow the link and enter first and last names

The access code is:


It's awesome! Enjoy!

Spelling Games!

Use this Scholastic website to create games using your spelling words. Super easy and fun!

Math Investigations Info from Buncombe County

Practice Your Multiplication Combinations

This site has lots of fun games.

I particularly like the one called Sketch's World!

Math Practice

All types of math skills