Education Links

Unit 3 --> Show Me - Division

Videos from students for division strategies

Unit 3 --> Show Me - multiplication

Videos that other 4th graders have made showing multiplication strategies.

Unit 3 --> Sum Sense: Multiplication

Given four “cards,” determine which digits will complete a single-digit multiplication equation. 

Unit 3 --> Speed Grid Challenge

Challenging. Find the double digit factors in a multiplication equation.

Unit 5 --> Solving Subtraction Problems Using Base Ten Blocks

Unit 5 --> Reading Numbers in Word Form

Unit 5 --> Virtual Base Ten Blocks

In upper left hand corner, select grade 4 and base ten manipulatives.

Unit 5 --> Base 10 Blocks activity

Unit 5 --> Solving Addition Problems using Base Ten Blocks

Online games for math - Grades 4 & 5


This is a website full of audio stories.  (Kind of like "books on tape"!).  Listening to stories being read is great for building fluency!

Interactive Reading Websites

Here's a HUGE list of great reading websites.  Find some that are good for you!      

EOG Math Practice

Test your knowledge with some EOG practice!


Deepen your knowledge of everything North Carolina!!

Visuwords - Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus


This is for younger kids who are just learning to read.


Because everyone loves Dr. Seuss! :)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Thousands of math games that go along with what we're learning in school!


This website has awesome math games!


This website has activities you can do at home with your child to reinforce learning in the classroom.