Fourth Grade Caesar's English

Fourth Graders should learn the following lists of stems and great vocabulary words, along with their definitions.  These are taken from lessons 1 - 10 in Caesar's English by Michael Clay Thompson and Myriam Thompson, second edition copyright 2000.
Odd numbered lessons assign five stems and some bonus words.  Even lessons assign five words.  We cover one lesson weekly.
Lesson 1.
bi (two) bicycle, biped, bilateral
sub (under) submarine, submerge, subtract
de (down) descend, deposit, deduce
pre (before) predict, prepare, prelude
super (over) supervise, superior, superb
bonus word: superfluous - overflowing, excessive, lots and lots, too much
lesson 2.
countenance - facial expression
profound - deep
manifest - obvious
prodigious - huge
languor - weakness
lesson 3.
un (not) unequal, unable, undone
inter (between) international, interstate, interject
semi (half) semicircle, semiformal, semiannual
dis (away) dismiss, distract, distort
sym (together) symphony, sympathy, symmetry
bonus word: symphonic - harmonic, a condition in which sound sounds good; sym/together & phon/sound
bonus word: interpose - to put between; inter/between & pos/put
lesson 4.
serene - calm
acute - sharp
grotesque - distorted
condescend - to patronize
odious - hateful
lesson 5.
circum (around) circumnavigate, circumference, circumvent
mal (bad) malevolent, malady, malicious
post (after) posthumous, postscript, posterity
equi (equal) equilateral, equivocate, equilibrium
ante (before) antebellum, antecedent, anterior
bonus word: circumspect - cautious, careful, on the lookout; circum/around & spec/look
bonus word: malevolence - mean, having bad (mal) will (vol) toward someone.  Opposite of benevolence.
lesson 6.
exquisite - beautifully made
clamor - outcry
sublime - lofty
tremulous - quivering
allude - indirectly refer to
lesson 7.
aqua (water) aquatic, aqueduct, aquarium
audi (hear) auditory, auditorium, audience
scrib (write) scribe, inscribe, describe
cede (go) recede, precede, secede
cise (cut) excise, scissors, incisive
bonus word: aqueduct - built by Romans to channel water; aqua/water & duct/lead
bonus word: incisive - a comment that cuts directly to the issue; cutting in
Lesson 8.
placid - calm
singular - unique
amiable - friendly
incredulous - skeptical
perplex - confuse
Lesson 9.
cred (believe) incredulous, credo, credible
miss (send) emission, dismiss, remiss
cide (kill) insecticide, pesticide, homicide
dict (say) edict, contradict, valedictorian
bell (war) rebellion, bellicose, belligerent
bonus word: bellicose - really warlike; bell/war & ose/full of
bonus word: missive - a letter which is sent;
Lesson 10.
melancholy - sadness
visage - the face
venerate - to respect
abate - to lessen
repose - resting