Fifth Grade Caesar's English

Fifth Graders should learn the following lists of stems and great vocabulary words, along with their definitions.  These are taken from lessons 11 - 20 in Caesar's English by Michael Clay Thompson and Myriam Thompson, second edition copyright 2000.
Odd numbered lessons assign five stems and some bonus words.  Even lessons assign five words.  We cover one lesson weekly.
Fourth graders cover lessons 1 - 10.  Fifth graders should review and remember those from last year. 
 Lesson 11.
spec (look) spectator, specious, spectrum
pend (hang) pending, pendulum, impending
omni (all) omnipotent, omnivorous, omniscient
re (again) reiterate, regurgitate, revive
ex (out) exit, except, exorbitant
bonus word: specious - something false that appears to be true
bonus word: omnipotent - all powerful
Lesson 12.
vulgar - common
traverse - to cross
undulate - to wave
vivid - bright
pallor - paleness
Lesson 13.
bene (good) benefit, benediction, benefactor
son (sound) sonorous, sonnet, dissonance
nov (new) novice, nova, innovation
sangui (blood) sanguine, sanguinary, consanguinity
cogn (know) cognizance, incognito, cognoscenti
bonus word: cognizance - the condition of awareness, of knowing
bonus word: sanguine - cheerful, rosy-cheek
Lesson 14.
wistful - yearning
subtle - slight
sagacity - wisdom
remonstrate - to object
tedious - boring
Lesson 15.
ject (throw) dejection, interjection, projection
dorm (sleep) dormant, dormitory, dormer
magn (great) magnate, magnificent, magnanimous
ver (true) verify, veracity, verdict
put  - pronounced pyoot (think) dispute, putative, reputation
bonus word: magnanimous - generous, noble in one's thoughts; magn/great & anim/mind
bonus word: dejection - thrown (ject) down (de) in spirit, sad, full of despair
Lesson 16.
articulate - express clearly
vex - to irritate
prostrate - lying down
abyss - a bottomless depth
martyr - one who suffers
Lesson 17.
archy (government) monarch, oligarchy, anarchy
bio (life) biology, biography, biographical
auto (self) autograph, autocracy, autobiography
chron (time) chronic, chronological, synchronize
dec (ten) decade, decimal, decimate
bonus word: anarchy - no government, leaderless
bonus word: chronic - lasting or happening frequently
bonus word: decimate - a loss of more than ten percent
apprehension - fear
superfluous - extra, over flowing
tangible - touchable
lurid - sensational
pervade - spread throughout
Lesson 19.
geo (earth) geography, geology, geometry
scope (look) telescope, microscope, periscope
anti (against) anti-aircraft, anticlimax, antithesis
intro (into) introduce, introspective, introvert
neo (new) neon, neolithic, neophyte
bonus word: neophyte - beginner, neo/new & phyte/plant
bonus word: introspective - thinking deeply, intro/into & spec/look - a look into oneself
Lesson 20.
genial - kind
stolid - unemotional
palpable - touchable
austere - bare
furtive - stealthy, sneaky, surreptitious