Math Homework Helps and Practice

Welcome to the MATH Homework helps page! This page is organized by our current math units. More information will be added throughout the year on each specific unit. You can also visit our new parent support site created by our two county math coaches. The site is "growing" so keep checking back to see new additions! 
Unit 1: Multiplication, Arrays, Factors
 The concepts covered in Unit 1 are carried over into our other units! See these videos to review how to break apart large multiplication combinations and how to distinguish the difference between a prime, composite, or square number. 
Unit 5: Place Value, Addition, Subtraction
The key to Unit 5 is the student understanding the actual VALUE of a number. They are asked to explain the addition and subtraction algorithms. It is required that your student know WHY the algorithm works, which can be challenging to explain.
Need to Practice Addition, Subtraction, or Place Value? Try these games:
Unit 3: Multiplication and Division
Please see Unit 1 for multiplication practice games and links. Need to solve a division problem for homework? Partial Quotients is a fantastic alternative to the standard long division algorithm and making groups. Check out the two "ShowMe" videos below and other resources to learn about this division strategy!

Unit 6: Fractions and Decimals

This is our BIG FRACTIONS UNIT! We work on everything from adding fractions with like denominators to multiplying a fraction by a whole number. Here is a "ShowMe" video from another source.
Here are a few KEY Study Jams videos and lessons. Watch any of the "fractions" videos for more help and review! There are also a few more decimal videos you may be interested in viewing. 
This link has several games as well as videos! 
More Fraction Practice Games