Our Mission

School Mission Statement

Black Mountain Elementary, in shared responsibility with family and community, is committed to inform, inspire, and empower all students to become lifetime learners.

School Belief Statement

* Students learn best when teachers, administrators, parents, community and students are engaged in instruction.

* Our school community nurtures mutual respect, diversity, empathy, and positive relationships.

* Students develop a passion for learning and become independent thinkers and investigators when they have an ownership in the learning process by participating in authentic tasks.

* Curriculum and instructional practices should enrich the social, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of the learner.

* Students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own learning through an integrated curriculum and instructional practices that incorporate differences in learning styles enabling students to make connections.

Buncombe County Schools Vision Statement

Preparing all students to realize their potential in a rapidly changing, diverse, global society.