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Thinking Blocks

Multiplicative Comparisons using bars

Simple explanation of the 3 types of rocks and the rock cycle

Minerals, Rocks, & the Rock Cycle

Math online games from Investigations site

Games for all operations and topics in math

Multiplication facts that we have to memorize! It's not as many as you think!

times tables using your hand as a calculator

quick demonstration of the hand calculator method for multiplication facts 6x6 through 10x10

a different visual for multiplication

"Japanese" multiplication method

a visual method to multiply using base-ten

Calculation Nation

Excellent math games from NC math teachers (NCTM)


Type in our textbook "Investigations" and get lots of information like books that go with our lessons, practice pages, and review lessons.

4th grade skills

Super cool games for lots of different 4th grade skills

Cool games

Mostly math, but with other subjects too, these games are fun ways to practice skills.

Math games

Multiplication and more

Interactive Math

Math lessons and activities of all sorts

A Plus Math

Games and activities for addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division

AAA Math

This site has lots of games and explanations.  It is great for homework help!

IXL Math

Lots of math activities for each grade.

Powerpoint Presentations of math skills

Powerpoint presentations for all kinds of math skills are a great help with homework or to review skills.

Math Investigations

All things Math Investigations.  Read up on curriculum and check out the pages for families.

Scholastic for Teachers

Find a book for a particular reading level.  Choose "Guided Reading" for the Reading Level System.  Go to "Book Alike."  Type in the title of a book your child is reading that is on his or her Guided Reading level (a letter).   Books on that same level will be listed. 

Scholastic Books

Find a book with your child's interests.  Do an advanced search.


Electronic books with videos
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password books

Native Americans before European contact

Native Americans before European contact

Native Americans settle in the land that became North Carolina

Early Colonies of NC: the Lost Colony

NOAA weather

any city search

Charlotte weather

Wilmington weather

Winston-Salem weather

Learning Links Library (SHV website)


Check your child's behavior.

Multiple Intelligences assessment

Answer the questions to learn which intelligences are your strongests. 

Parent Roadmaps to Common Core Standards

Our Common Core State Standards explained for parents & guardians, English Language Arts
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Bring Your Own Device Student and Parent Agreement

This form must be completed and reveiwed by me before I will grant permission for the device to be used in my classrom.