Homework Policy

Homework Central
Every student is expected to do his or her homework on a nightly basis, and homework will be checked regularly.  Homework will be checked for effort rather than a grade.  Homework is given every Monday-Thursday except for those days during EOG testing. 
Total time for homework should not exceed about 40-50 minutes. The general rule is 10 minutes for every grade.  This time could be split up into shorter intervals as long as the total time equals about 40 minutes. 
Daily Homework

Read for at least 30 minutes every night.  Please do a reading response each night, Monday-Thursday.  Time spent reading daily directly correlates to a student's academic success!  The more the better!  Feel free to keep up your child's nightly reading routine on Fridays and over the weekend.

Complete your daily math assignment, usually 1-2 pages from the Math Investigations book.  NEVER tear out pages from the Investigations workbook.
Review math facts that we are studying.