SIT Bi-Laws

Black Mountain Elementary 2016-2017

School Improvement Team Bylaws

Purpose: The committee is established pursuant to the state of North Carolina statutes.

1. Create the school improvement plan and update it yearly

2. Align the budget with the school improvement plan goals

3. Represent the interests and concerns of our stakeholders

4. Ensure that professional development plans are in alignment with the school improvement plan

Membership/Voting Positions: The team shall consist of a broad cross-section of the school including principal,representatives of the instructional personnel, instructional support personnel, and parents of students attending the school.

1. Principal

2.. 2 Certified Teachers (One per Grade Level-does not have to be grade level chair)

3. Certified Special Education (One)

4. Certified Instructional Support (One Representative - AIG, Art, Music, PE)

5.Title One Reading Specialist

6. Media Coordinator

7. Full Time Counselor

8. Parent Representatives (two - May NOT be a staff member at BME.)

a. Parent representatives should represent different families.

b. Parent representatives if possible, should represent different demographics.

Election: Elections are conducted pursuant to Article 8B, 115C-105.27.

1. Members of each group listed above shall be nominated by members of their own group or


2. Parent elections will be conducted by the Parent Teacher Association Board.

3. All other School Improvement Team representatives will be elected using secret ballot by their

constituent group. The election by each group shall be counted and witnessed by at least two

members of the said group and then reported to the current School Improvement Chair.

4. If, prior to or during a term, any member of the SIT shall resign, be transferred, be dismissed from

employment at BME, or change teaching positions within the school which would no longer permit the

member to represent the group that elected him/her, then the group that he/she represented shall

select another representative to be nominated and approved by the particular group they represent

to complete the former member’s term.

5. A SIT member who has served one year or less to complete a previous member’s term is eligible to

serve the next full consecutive term if elected in that position by his or her constituent group.

BME Terms of Service:  Established on 6-13-2016

Terms of Service for Members:

1. Terms of service will run from July 1 to June 30 for two consecutive years.

2. Grades 4 and Certified Instructional Support, are nominated and elected in the spring of even years to serve a two-year term. These members may not serve consecutive terms.

3.  Grades 5 and Certified Special Education , are nominate and elected in the spring of odd years to serve a two-year term. These members may not serve consecutive terms.

4. Parent Representatives are nominated and elected in the spring to serve a one-year term. These

members may serve for no more than two consecutive terms.

5. School Improvement Chairperson shall be elected by the SIT, from the members of the SIT,  to serve a two year term that coincides with the term of the current School Improvement Plan. The newly elected School Improvement Chair will need to return to their constituency to elect a new representative for their constituency.


1. School Improvement Team discusses items that relate directly to the School Improvement Plan’s


2. The Chairperson requests agenda items from each SIT member a week prior to each meeting. Items

are then shared with the Principal before being put on the agenda.

3. The committee shall meet monthly during the academic year. This schedule will be determined by

committee members prior to or at the beginning of each school year. If at any time a meeting needs

to be cancelled, all SIT members must approve the change.

4.  Meetings are announced to staff and stakeholders at least one week prior to the meeting date.

5. Additional meetings of the committee may be called by the Chair, the Principal, or by a majority of

the members of the committee.

6. Minutes are recorded at each meeting by the Secretary and approved by the committee. Approved

minutes shall be made available to all employees and parents, which will include the school’s webpage.

7. All meetings fall under the open-meeting law in North Carolina.

8. All members are required to attend monthly meetings. If they are unavailable they should actively

seek to find a replacement from their constituent group.

9.  SIT meetings will be no longer than 1 ½ hours.  Agendas will be followed and time considerations are respected.

10.  Norms will be established at the first SIT meeting each year.

Member Roles and Norms:

  1. The SIT members will relay information at PLC meetings each week.  

  2. Suggestions can be made at PLC meetings and items brought to the next SIT meeting

  3. Roles will be determined and voted on at the first meeting of the school year.